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Stamatis N. Terezakis, aiming to provide services especially in the Field of Commercial and Business Law, founded The Law Firm, in 1983. Trough the diligent and proper staffing of flexible and competent members, The Law Firm has seen exceptional growth, including among its clients highly recognized Trade Businesses and a number of the top-ranked Private Security Firms. Based on the high standard scientific training of the founder and its associates was heavily and successfully involved in the Field of Public and Administrative Law, specializing in the provision of legal services to Public Tender participants. Services have provided to some of the most well known enterprises, which are active in the Flying Operation and Technical Support Services Industry, in the Airport and Commercial Security Services Industry and in the Transport Value and Armoured Transportation Services Industry.


Services have also offered to commercial businesses in a variety of activities, including medical equipment and consumables, armoured vehicles, ambulances (Emergency Ambulance), mobile care units (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) , processing of paper and plastic products, as well as to legal entities and natural persons– providers of goods and services to the Public Sector (Public Competitions). Through the appropriate internal structure and the distribution of specializing fields, with competent and experienced personnel, The Law Firm offers a wide range of legal and consulting services to its clients. Through of knowledge in the primary activity fields and cooperation with specialized associates, during the last few years, has assumed and successfully handled a number of important criminal cases in the areas of administration liability and company representation, tax offences and infringements in the economic sphere on the whole, which have attracted the public opinion’s interest.